Approved and authorized by the Food Administration as food consultants.

Use Fødevaregruppen – Use common sense

Fødevaregruppen offers professional food consultants, all of whom have relevant, professional training and solid experience within the food industry, such as e.g. butchers, chefs etc. Most of our food consultants have been employed by Fødevarestyrelsen for many years.

Fødevaregruppen´s food consultants offer service agreements for both wholesale and retail companies. Fødevaregruppen offers preventive inspections of your business so that everything is satisfactory when Fødevarestyrelsen shows up. Fødevaregruppen´s food consultants teach hygiene and self-inspection in your company. Fødevaregruppen is approved and authorized by Fødevarestyrelsen as food consultants.

Does your company need assistance? Electronic self-inspection? Hygiene audits?