Approved and authorized by the Food Administration as food consultants.


People who handle food must have knowledge of food hygiene, HACCP and personal hygiene. In all types of food establishments, employees must be instructed or trained in food hygiene in consistency with the work they perform. Under the law, the instruction/training must be given from the first working day.

If you want to make sure that your staff obtains the correct instruction or training, please contact Fødevaregruppen today! We offer tailored courses, custom-made for you and your business. Our consultants are expertly trained to organize and carry out courses for people who do not have the same language prerequisites for completing a general hygiene course, including employees of other ethnic origin.

A course may include e.g.:

  • self-inspection
  • general microbiology
  • food-borne diseases
  • preparation and proper storage of food
  • cleaning and personal hygiene
  • labelling and allergens
  • final exam with accompanying course certificate

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