Approved and authorized by the Food Administration as food consultants.

Self-inspection – electronic or in paper format

Fødevaregruppen can develop your own self-inspection program. Our food consultants offer tailoring of your statutory self-inspection program to suit your business. You decide whether it should be electronic or in paper format.

Fødevaregruppen´s self-inspection programs are made as easy as possible for the company within the framework of the law. The self-inspection programs are prepared by professional food consultants who have worked in the food industry for many years. Fødevaregruppen´s food consultants prepare self-inspections programs for retail companies as well as wholesale companies. The food consultant prepares an HACCP analysis, designates your CCPs and GMPs in accordance with the regulatory requirements. Fødevaregruppen offers the professional experts and sparring partners you have been looking for.

Electronic self-inspection

As a customer of Fødevaregruppen, you can choose to get your self-inspection program as a digital solution.

With an electronic documentation system for your self-inspection, you get:

  • A simple, safe and user-friendly solution
  • Your documentation digitally stored in one place
  • A simple tool for your quality assurance
  • Insight and overview, resulting in improved food safety and higher credibility

Basically, only the critical control points (CCPs) are documented to make it as simple as possible for you. Thus, you can manage your statutory food handling in a few clicks – even from your tablet or smartphone. If you need additional documentation, our food consultants will always assist you with a SMILE ? to ensure that you get the solution that suits you best.

Electronic self-inspection – LOG IN

Click EDOC MOB LOG IN when performing your self-inspection:


Click EDOC ADMIN LOG IN to manage features in your account, e.g. users, files, or to put your appointment on hold during vacation etc.:


Annual revision

Get your statutory revision carried out by an authorized food consultant. Our consultants will:

  • review your self-inspection program.
  • inspect and guide you on procedures and risk assessments (risk analysis).
  • make sure that you are ready for inspection by Fødevarestyrelsen.
  • take care of the paperwork and prepare an revision plan.
  • prepare a report on challenges and solutions listed in a comprehensible way.

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