Approved and authorized by the Food Administration as food consultants.

Food inspection in your business

Fødevaregruppen offers retail, wholesale and import companies regular and unannounced food inspections by one of our experienced food consultants.

Our inspection will have the same focus as that of Fødevarestyrelsen and we will help and guide you on how to optimize your hygiene in your business. The food consultant will go through each process step, carry out the audit, talk with the employees, participate in the inspection of Fødevarestyrelsen and will be happy to communicate with their supervisor. Fødevaregruppen offers the professional experts and sparring partners you have been looking for.

Service agreement

A service agreement with Fødevaregruppen provides increased safety for your business. A service agreement means that we will ALWAYS be there for YOU. As a business, you can sign a service agreement for 1, 2 or 3 years. We will come to your company and assist you during production and provide guidance prior to the visit by Fødevarestyrelsen. Among other things, we will advise you on maintenance, cleaning and pest control in your company.

Regular visits – Regular safety! Food safety and food quality will not be implemented overnight. It requires ongoing work, process optimization and control. Therefore, we recommend our clients regular visits and a fixed service agreement if they want to be on top of their hygiene. For both large and small companies. Fødevarestyrelsen will always visit you at inconvenient times. Do you wish to be ready next time? We can certainly help you!

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